Sweet Dreams

Both of my kids had birthdays this month. The older they get, the more I long for the days when they were little. The years of chasing them around the house to get them into bed, laughing as I helped them with their pajamas, and reading bedtime stories are gone. But every night I still make it a point to give them a hug before bed and remind them that I love them.

Acrylic on 16×20 Wood Panel

Sweet Dreams is a reflection of those years that I miss. When the light fades in the sky and night settles, it’s time to tuck them in. The stories have ended and their eyes are heavy. You give them one more, gentle hug goodnight, sealed with a kiss on the forehead. As you pull away, they snuggle you back in. Their little voice whispers sleepily, “I love you mommy.” You sink into the embrace and soak up the moment as you whisper back, “Sweet dreams, baby.”


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